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The Grace Trail®

In November of 2020 I successfully installed a Grace Trail® in my hometown of East Lyme CT.  

We now have our very own East Lyme Grace Trail® with its own Face Book & Instagram account.  #elgracetrail


In early April 2021, with the help of a generous community, a wonderful & creative engineer who kindly donated his time & expertise I was able to add a pair of Little free Libraries & bench along the Grace Trail® for our community to enjoy.

Welcome to East Lyme Grace Trail® 


East Lyme has a new addition to its 0.8 of a mile walking trail situated at Samuel M. Peretz Park at Bridebrook. It is called Grace Trail. This self-guided walk was installed for the community to experience and enjoy as a mindful, meditative walk alone or with others. Our intention is for the trail to offer hope and peace as we honor and explore all of life’s twists and turns!


The Grace Trail process includes 5 letters (G-R-A-C-E) which invite the following questions to explore while you walk:


G - What are you Grateful for?

R - What do you need to Release?

A - What is calling out for Acceptance?

C - What is my next Challenge?

E - What can I Embrace as possible?


How to get the most out of the Grace Trail?


  • When you reach a question, stop…ask…listen…and reflect as you move along the trail to the next question.  

  • Questions can be asked in any order according to your needs.  

  • There is no right or wrong way to answer the questions… stay curious and open to hope and possibility.

  • Each sign will have a QR code. We encourage you to scan the code with your smart phone to listen to ways to enhance and deepen your experience.


Our East Lyme Grace Trail was installed by Rachel & Dave Baer with support from the East Lyme Parks & Recreation Department, generous members of our town and as an honorarium to the Brian Dagle Foundation. 


East Lyme Grace Trail is modeled after the original Grace Trail in Plymouth Massachusetts, designed by Anne Jolles ( and under license from Grace Trail, Inc. 


When walking this Trail, you are joining a group of people worldwide in creating a Trail of hope and possibility… 


Check out Grace Trail by Anne Jolles on Face Book


Also, our own brand-new page East Lyme Grace Trail

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