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Drink Up!

I have talked a lot in class recently about the importance of staying hydrated.  It is something we often only think about during the hot & humid days of summer.  However it is easy to become dehydrated during the rest of the year if we are not mindful of our bodies & what they need to help us live our best lives. 

Becoming dehydrated is really unhealthy for our bodies & can often result in dizziness & falling, as has happened several times with my own mother.

The official recommended intake is eight glasses of water a day, choose your glass size, just not a tiny one.

Drinking water helps keep our internal organs working efficiently & effectively.

Our skin will appear brighter & we will both look & feel more vibrant.

Staying hydrated means we eliminate waste more efficiently, if you're all dried up down there constipation can be an unpleasant issue!

Most of us love our tea/coffee each day, I am no exception but too much can actually dehydrate you.  Some of us find it hard to just drink plain cold water, here are a few things I do to encourage myself to up my liquid intake.

I pour half a glass of cold water & top it up with hot water from the kettle, it's not such a shock to the body to drink as cold water can be.

We purchased a soda stream (no I don't encourage drinking soda) we drink room temperature sparkling water & flavor it with slices of lemon, cucumber, fresh herbs, whatever we fancy at the time, no added sugar.

Herbal and fruit teas, hot or cold are a great way to add extra water to your body without the addition of caffeine.  One of my favorite teas is chamomile, vanilla & honey.

Give some of these options a try & set yourself a challenge to up your liquid intake (wine does not count, sorry) Let me know what works for you.

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