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Home from vacation

Just arrived home this morning, early after a long night flight from Portland Oregon. A wonderful few days visiting my brother & his lovely wife. The weather was perfect especially after leaving CT at 95 degrees & high humidity.

The temperature was great for sitting outside with our morning coffee & again in the evening with a glass or two of wine, snuggling into blankets for the first time this season.

With summer coming to an end & fall approaching its a good time to consider your life, what do you want to let go, leave behind you? what do you want to pick up & make a part of your life?

What I want more of is time with family & friends, time with those we love is precious, it may be long or it may be shorter than we think. Time is tight sometimes but if we make an effort we can make time for what is important to us.

I spent the afternoon in the garden discarding the faded summer plants & potting up the new brightly colored fall mums. They look beautiful, I love spending time outside especially in the garden, one of my greatest pleasures, what are your favorite ways to relax, enjoy & create beauty in your life? Make time to do one of them tomorrow even if only for a few minutes.❤️

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