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Keep Moving to Enjoy the Activities we Love

Summer is here & especially with the world opening up to us again we are all excited to enjoy our favorite summer activities.

Some of my favorite activities are walking/hiking, gardening & kayaking. To be able to enjoy these activities we need to stay strong, flexible & mobile.

Chair yoga will enable you to keep doing the things you love for longer & with more ease. Think of playing with your grandchildren, this can involve much more movement than you might think. We all want to stay strong & mobile for as long as possible.

I was out at a local farm recently doing one of my favorite seasonal things, strawberry picking. I love the scent of them, as well as the stained fingers & the scent of strawberry jam throughout our home as well as various other strawberry related baking. Just freshly picked strawberries with nothing added make wonderful healthy dessert. As I worked I noticed how many times I bent over, needed to squat down, reaching & stretching whilst moving along the rows of plants & was grateful for the way that yoga helps to keep me strong & flexible.

HERE is an article about gardening as we age, I was excited to be interviewed for this as I have loved gardening from a young age, when I had my first herb garden at age six. Something I intend to continue for as long as possible.

What activities are you involved in that you want to enjoy for a long time to come?

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