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So many little miracles

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

I love my ”work” teaching chair yoga to seniors, my favorite group to share yoga with.

Many people ask the question, "how can yoga help me?"

A very good question especially if you are older in years, haven't tried yoga before or just don't like to exercise, let's be honest, there are many people in this category!

If you practice (come to class) regularly, say a couple of times a week, you absolutely will gain strength, flexibility, mobility,range of motion & your balance will improve.

Here's another little miracle told to me at the end of class this week. One of my lovely ladies took a trip to London with her family recently, an exciting adventure for anyone. As with any city vacation a lot of walking is involved, much more than she is used to doing on a regular basis. She was excited to tell me that although she took a few short rest stops she was able to enjoy her time away walking with her family & making the most of the experience.

She attributes her strength & stamina to taking my chair yoga classes twice a week for the last couple of years,

This is so encouraging to me, I love hearing how yoga has helped you, please share with me if you have a "yoga miracle"

"We are all stars, we all deserve to twinkle" Marilyn Monroe

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