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The wall squat challenge

In my chair yoga classes we focus a good amount of time working on leg strength as it is so important to keep us strong and independant as we age. At the end of class today a young at heart eighty year old asked me for the best moves to help him win a wall squat challenge he was doing at a family reunion in a few weeks time.

The best way to get good at what you want to do is of course practice, lifting the legs while in the chair, practice getting up & down from the chair & the chair pose which we do standing (a yogi word for a squat)

We practiced these a few times together before he left the room & he promised to let me know how he got on.

This man had been to my classes in the past but not regularly & not recently. He told me he is now commited to coming regularly to help him win the challenge. Whatever your reason for exercising & staying strong do it & do it often.

Motion is lotion to the body, if we don't challenge our muscle strength we lose it.

What is your reason to stay strong? Whatever it is use that to motivate you on days you really don't want to show up to class or take that walk.

Enjoy your day & your next workout, it keeps you strong.

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