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Vigilance is a word we have heard a lot over the past eighteen months, in regard to Covid 19 & minimizing it's spread. Each day we are reminded to keep our distance, wear masks, get vaccinated & minimize travel. All of which is good advice even once we are fully vaccinated.

However we can also use the word vigilance to describe our attitude to our overall health & exercise regime. Most of us know what we need to do, however it is easy to skip a work out or eat unhealthily. While this is fine on occasions such as holidays, birthdays etc if we do this everyday we will notice the deteriation in our mental & physical well being.

Yoga is a great form of exercise as it includes strength, balance & flexibility training as well as being good for our mental & spiritual health. We do need to be mindful to add in walking, weight training & another activities we enjoy.

I was out hiking with a friend recently & commented on how great this activity was for core & balance training as well as overall leg & cardio benefits. The constant stepping up onto higher steps/stones than on a regular walk engaged our core & was great for balance & stability.

We can get the same benefits from slowing down when we climb the stairs, letting our standing leg hold the weight for longer as we slowly lift the following leg up. If you are going to practice this at home I suggest staying on the first stair & alternating legs, making sure you are holding the stair rail to keep you safe.

I found this great video HERE which is less than three minutes long on how to gain/keep our strength using a step. I would advise holding on to something while practicing this for the first time until you build more confidence & strength.

While I want you to keep up with the yoga be sure to mix up your exercise, make it fun, then it won't become a chore.

Rather than something you "have" to do

it becomes something you "get" to do.

With this warmer weather, if you are able, walk barefoot along the beach, this is great exercise for your feet, leg muscles & core. The added benefit of being outside in the sunshine & enjoying nature is a wonderful experience with or without friends.

How are you staying vigilant with your health?

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