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Rachel, you spark joy in me, the tone and softness of your voice is wonderful and caring.  We love chair yoga.  Continued blessings to you.  You're a beautiful person inside & out. 

DB - Niantic

When I first started coming to your classes just a few months ago I was suffering with bursitis in my hip, it was quite painful & stopping me from enjoying my daily activities.  I was taking pain medication for this.  Last week at the end of class I noticed that the pain had gone.  It must have been the combination of strength & stretching over time that has brought me such relief.  I am delighted, this makes such a difference to the quality of my life.  Thank you.

LM - Old Saybrook



Dear Rachel,


Your email today, and the articles you write for your yogis, propels me to tell you how grateful I am for knowing you.  You have the ability to bring ethos, logos and pathos to your Yoga classes and, in doing so, persuade us to be better versions of ourselves.  


There is a Central African/Bantu word which I learned recently:  Ubuntu.  It means "I am because you are".  It speaks of the interconnectedness of people and, because of that, the responsibility of each person to respect every other person and to try to bring out the best in them.  You have a gift, and why you should want to focus it on old people is a wonder to me.  But I'm very glad you do and so are legions of your fans.


A person knows if and when they touch other people deeply.  It feels like holy work.  Not everyone can achieve this; it takes a combination of personal honesty and dedication and an element of luck.  It took me longer than you to find my special niche, and I appreciate it even more than my students do.  We 'gifted ones' of influence are a tribe apart.  When we find each other, it feels like coming home.


This is my 6th year with you, I think.  I miss the old class at beautiful St. Ann's which was as good for the soul as for the body.  But in our present if less salubrious location, I've learned to pay less attention to my surroundings and more to purpose and my inner terrain.  Beauty is to be found even in a basement with its occasional rumblings.


Let me end by saying 'Don't stop'.  What you are doing, indeed everything you do, whether planned or impromptu, is good.  It's better than good.  It's terrific. 


Bless you,


SC - Essex

Thank you so much for the gift of a Chair Yoga class for my birthday. It is a great gift. You are very kind. I enjoy your classes each week and am glad that I can attend one.

R.M. - East Lyme


As an avid indoor and outdoor cyclist I often suffer from tight hamstrings, quads, calves & lower back muscles.   Rachel's PiYo class with i'ts combination of strengthening & stretching moves along with her cycle background & knowledge, is able to focus & offer TLC for the muscles that cyclists always use.  I highly recommend it to athletes of all sports.

R.K. - Groton


I am in my early 80's.  Three years ago with creeping arthritis in my knees I needed to find an exercise class that could help me to maintain balance & stay fit for life.  Chair yoga has been the answer.  Rachel leads us with patience, humor & encouragement. Improving our balance, stretching our muscles & guiding us through deep breathing exercise.  We are learning many yoga poses such as sunflower,eagle, cobra mountain & many more, they are adapted to our abilities.  I have recommended Rachel's class to many others, her following keeps growing.

C. B. - Old Saybrook


I can't imagine life without Rachel's chair yoga class and can't remember how I functioned before I met her.  It's an amazing work-out & never fails to leave me more energized, clear headed & feeling toned all over.

S. C. - Essex


Rachel is such a pro that she makes Chair Yoga a seamless glide of stretches, flexes, and core work.  Her professionalism makes for such a comfortable, relaxing exertion, so that it's a treat for the body and the mind.  Anyone can benefit from this gradual entry into Yoga.

J.B. - Old Lyme


I have taken yoga for years & when I could no longer get up &down from the floor & my knees were rickety I looked into chair yoga. Boy was I happily surprised when I found out it was just as good a workout, if not better & made me feel as though I wasn't as old as I had thought (aged 83) Rachel leads us with sensitivity & concern, reminding us to listen to our bodies & resting as needed.  I feel stronger & more flexible as a result of chair yoga.

M.V. -  Essex


Yoga has been a part of my life on & off for seven years.  After major surgery in 2009, I was unable to continue with "regular" yoga & decided to give chair yoga a try.  It has provided not only healthy exercise & strengthening but a peace & serenity that enhances my life.

K.M. - Niantic 


Participating in chair yoga with Rachel has been a wonderful experience.  My posture & breathing are so much improved.  I am much more flexible & feel great.

B.K. - Niantic


Yoga with Rachel has relieved me of depression.  It also has helped me with lowering my blood pressure & cholesterol.  I have recently been able to eliminate taking medications without any affect.

J.V.S.  East Lyme

I have M.S & have difficulty with strength, balance & walking, after many months of not being able to make it to class I recently took a chair yoga session with Rachel.  My mood lifted as soon as I walked into the room & I was treated with such kindness & respect.  The following day I felt so much stronger & more mobile, still using my cane, but I am walking so much easier than before.  I will be back next week for class, I am not missing any more sessions.

C.W.  East Lyme

Thank you so much for all that you do to keep us strong in body and mind.


Although I do not have mobility issues, I find that yoga helps me with my overall balance and strength.  In particular, it improves my range of motion.  The hand exercises help my fingers to stay flexible.  The foot exercises help to keep my plantar fascia supple.  The breathing is helping me to stay calm during the planning for my upcoming surgery.  All in all, so  many benefits!



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