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Video Clips:

WARNING: Please ensure you consult a physician before starting any exercise routine. If you feel any pain when completing any of the exercises shown in these videos, please stop immediately and seek a medical opinion

** Teaser for my new Chair Yoga DVD! **


I am excited to share highlights from a new Chair Yoga DVD that will be released shortly!


Filmed during one of my classes at the Estuary Council of Seniors in Old Saybrook, you will be able to follow me and take a class in the comfort of your own home. Divided in chapters so that you can play the entire DVD or skip to the part you want to focus on! 


Check back soon for details of how to purchase a copy for yourself or a loved one, including an option to watch online.



Interview with Channel 8's CT Style host Meghan Yost

On January 10th, 2019, Rachel was featured on Channel 8's CT Style program. One of the classes she teaches at the Estuary Council of Seniors was filmed and the host, Megahn Yost, interviewed Rachel and two of the class participants.

You can view the segment by clicking on the picture to the left.

Yoga For Back Pain & Arthritus

This is a segment on the Joint Freeing Series that was aired on the CT Style program on Channel 8

The Great Healer

This is part of the Joint Freeing Sereis, and is easy to follow along with at home. 

Yoga For Insomnia 

Yoga Instructor Rachel Baer from Yoga-Keeps-Me-Fit shows us how to use Yoga for insomnia.

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